Sauralite Azeztulite (New Zealand #4578)

Azeztulite is the trade name of a type of high quality Quartz. Robert Simmons is the distributor and he uses psychics as well as his own intuition to ascertain whether the quartz in question is “energetically active” and inter-dimensionally connected enough to be considered Azeztulite. It is also known as “Stone of the Nameless Light”. More information on Azeztulite and Robert Simmons' journey can be found in his book “Stones of the new Consciousness”.

Quartz (also known as Rock Crystal) is probably the most legendary of all crystals. For thousands of years it has been thought of as the most powerful healing and energizing crystal in existence. The Japanese believe it to be “the perfect jewel”, the Greeks thought of it as pieces of Zeus' throne, and the Native Americans would keep it in a baby's cradle to connect the child to the Earth. Quartz exhibits piezoelectricity, meaning it can transfer pressure into electricity, which can cause it to glow under great stress. Because of Quartz' ability to be programmed and transfer data it is used in thousands of different types of electronic devices.

Quartz has a vibrational energy ranging from the most grounded and earthly, to the most etheric, depending on the specimen. It can be found in every continent on Earth and represents all four elements in perfect balance with each other. Quartz corresponds with every astrological sign and resonates with all of the chakras.


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