Large Copper Splash (Keweenaw, Michigan #8382) (SOLD)

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  • Extra Large Copper Splash
  • This particular sculpture is made from pure copper from Keweenaw, Michigan. Molten copper is "splashed" onto a flat surface and is allowed to cool. The surface is then forced to patina through oxidation. The patina (green) is then polished off in select places to reveal the wonderful contrast in color. Lastly the specimen is sealed with a clear epoxy to prevent further oxidation.
  • 33 inches high, 58 inches wide, 0.5 inches deep
  • 66.7 pounds weight
  • Copper is a grounding cryptocrystalline metal that conducts and energizes the ambient energies surrounding it. An Earth element, Copper resonates with all of the chakras as well as the zodiacs Taurus & Sagittarius.
  • Perfect display piece for interior decorating or design.

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