Lepidolite Sphere (Brazil #8762) 2.25 inch Diameter

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Spheres are excellent space holders, giving off palpable, perfectly distributed energy fields. They are said to represent wholeness, the earth and fertility. People have literally looked into (scry) spheres for thousands of years searching for knowledge and for that reason they are often seen as truthful, inter-dimensional, and mystical. A sphere's rounded edges make it an extremely comfortable surface to touch and hold.

Lepidolite is a type of mica that gets its purple color from the lithium within it. The chemical lithium has an extremely relaxing effect on humans and this crystal follows suit. Lepidolite is one of the ultimate chill-out stones perfect for stress and anxiety reduction as well banishing nightmares your dreams (especially when placed in your pillow). Because of these effects Lepidolite is a stone used in times of transition and for this reason is associated with the element Water. It is a stone of the Libras and is attuned to the Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras.

Dimensions: 2.25" Diameter

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