Polychrome Jasper Sphere (Madagascar #8101) 2.5 inch diameter

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Jasper is a type of cryptocrystalline (microscopic crystals) quartz with a grain size even smaller than that of Chalcedony. It can be found worldwide and has been used since ancient times. The Native Americans had a particular fondness for Jasper and believed it to be a very protective stone, a reputation that is still held to this day. Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer” with a softer energy than pure quartz. It comes in every color but is specifically attributed to the solar plexus (3rd) chakra and is believed to be imbued with solar energy. It is tied to the astrological sign of Leo and associated with the elements Fire and Earth.

Spheres are excellent space holders, giving off palpable, perfectly distributed energy fields. They are said to represent wholeness, the earth and fertility. People have literally looked into (scry) spheres for thousands of years searching for knowledge and for that reason they are often seen as truthful, inter-dimensional, and mystical. A sphere's rounded edges make it an extremely comfortable surface to touch and hold.

DImensions: 2.5" Diameter

Weight: 488 grams

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