Large Star Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere (Brazil, #9115) 11.6 pounds

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  • Large Star Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere

  • Crystal is 124mm in diameter

  • 11.6 pounds weight

  • "Star" refers to the a six pointed star caused by the joining of three apparently glowing lines on the surface of the sphere. These lines are formed from microscopic inclusions (usually rutile) within the crystal itself. The star is only visible in direct sunlight, as is evident in the first picture. That is also why the coloration is different in the first picture, as most crystals look different in the sun. This is a rare formation and definitely something to be treasured in a sphere this large!

  • Rose Quartz is a calming stone of unconditional love and acceptance that is said to be representative of the element water.  It is a 4th and 7th chakra crystal correlating with the zodiacs Taurus and Libra.

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