Charoite & Shungite Pharaoh Cylinders (Russia #D806)

  • Charoite & Shungite Pharaoh Cylinders (Russia #D806)
  • Set of 2 wands. 1 Shungite (Yin/left hand) and 1 Charoite (Yang/right hand). Comes with box, bag, and instructions for meditation. Quantities available. Item will vary in appearance and size.
  • Average 4 inches long by 1.1 inches diameter each
  • Average 0.8 pounds total
  • Discovered in 1978, Charoite is a rare mineral that is only found in Siberia, Russia. It is named for the Chara River which flows by the mountain where it is mined. Charoite is a wind element stone used in linking spirituality to everyday life. It is associated with the zodiacs Scorpio and Sagittarius. It resonates with the Earth Star (0), Root (1), Third Eye (6), Crown (7) and Soul Star (8) Chakras. Shungite is named after the village of Shunga, Russia where it was first discovered. This mineral is full of carbon “fullerenes” and is said to block EMF’s and be useful in detoxification.

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