Rare Old-Stock Copper Ingot, 51 Pounds (Michigan #F0491) Copper Range

  • Rare Old-Stock Copper Ingot / Bar (Michigan #F0491) 
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  • Rare Old-Stock Copper Ingot from Copper Range Company in White Pine, Michigan
  • Approximately 19.3 x 3.6 x 3.1 inches
  • 51.9 pounds weight
  • This Copper Ingot was created during the last pour of industrial copper in USA mining history in 1982. This is a collector’s piece. The Copper itself has trace amounts of Silver and other rare elements. In the past these would have been melted down and separated into pure elements. Evidence of these trace elements is evident in the differential coloration throughout the ingot. It is stamped with the letters “CR” for Copper Range, the mining company that smelted the ore.
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