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  • Agni Gold Danburite (South Africa #4953) 2.25 inches wide

    Agni Gold Danburite (South Africa #4953) 2.25 inches wide

    Gold Danburite helps to align you Solar Plexus Chakra with the rest of your chakric system. It brings the power of the sun into this already enlivening stone.

    Danburite is a classic crystal of the coming New Age. It exhibits a very high vibe and is primarily used as a channel to assist in receiving information from higher sources. Secondarily it helps us understand and tune into the universal Love that permeates the universe on a vibrational level. Danburite is a Wind element, a stone of the zodiac Leo, and is attuned to the 4th (heart), 6th (third eye), 7 (crown), and etheric Chakras.

    : 3.07" x 2.25"

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