Clear Quartz Crystal Flame, 10.5 pounds (Brazil #G0006) 10.6 inches

  • Clear Quartz Crystal Flame Sculpture (Brazil #G0006) 
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  • Flame sculpted from a solid piece of clear quartz crystal. Features rainbow inclusions and iron inclusions. The sculpture has occasional grooves and divets that would be expected from a natural piece of quartz. Comes with custom stand.
  • Flame is approximately 7.5 x 3.3 x 10.6 inches (width x depth x height)  and is 10.5 pounds weight
  • Stand is 2.8 pounds weight. Sculpture on stand is 14.25 inches tall
  • Quartz is a high energy amplifier that corresponds with every astrological sign, resonates with all of the chakras, and represents the four elements in perfect balance.
  • The Flame is one of the deepest of all archetypal symbols. It is the ideal of the protection that light offers, the power of fire to destroy, create, and sustain. The passion and energy with which flames dance mirror the feelings of our own Sacred Hearts, and like a crystal, a flame is alive.
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