XL Shungite Sphere and Stand- 12.5 pounds (Russia #F0710)

  • Large Shungite Sphere / Orb / Ball with Shungite Stand (Russia #F0710) 
  • Video below
  • Solid Shungite Sphere with a nice sized solid Shungite stand. The stand has an unpolished/rough edge which means Shungite can rub off on you when handling it. The Sphere is highly polished and can be handled just fine.
  • Sphere is approximately 6 inches wide  /  9.7 Pounds
  • Stand is 8.3 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches  /  2.8 pounds weight
  • 12.5 total pounds of Shungite
  • Shungite is named after the village of Shunga, Russia where it was first discovered. This mineral is full of carbon “fullerenes” and is said to block EMF’s and be useful in detoxification.
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